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Propionyl chloride

Product: Propionyl chloride
Molecular formula:C2H5COCl
Molecular weight:92.5
Property: The product is colorless fuming liquid, with suffocating irritating odor. Proportion:(d420))1.0646. Boiling point:80℃.Soluble in ether, chloroform, ice vinegar, acid, benzene and gasoline, meet water or ethanol violently broken down into propionic acid, propionic acid ethyl ester and hydrogen chloride.
Quality standard: Confirm to Q/HSL 01-2009 enterprise standard:
Appearance: Colorless transparent fuming liquid, no obvious impurities.
Boiling range(78-81℃):≥90.0%(v/v)
Use: Mainly used in organic synthesis material, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate.
Packing:200kg plastic drum
Safety measure: Refer to Propionyl Chloride Safety Technical Instructions

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